Ad Tech 2030 Glue Sticks

Ad Tech 2030 Hot Melt Overview 

Ad Tech Magic Melt 2030 is a low temp general purpose should be applied at 225°F or 107°C.  These glue sticks have a higher bond strength than typical low temp glue sticks.  Magic Melt 2030 by Ad Tech is great for just about every substrate. The 2030 glue sticks are recommend for use with heat sensitive materials, floral arrangements, upholstery and reupholstery, novelties, particle board, fabric, porous substrates and ceramics!



Ad Tech 2030 Glue Stick Specifications:

Viscosity at 225°F/107°C: 28,000
Shear tensile pine, psi: 450
Adhesion to Polycarbonate: 67 psi
Working time range: 20-30 seconds
Available forms: 000, 110, 210

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