Ad Tech 660 Glue Sticks

Ad Tech 660 Glue Stick Overview

Ad Tech 660 low temperature glue sticks  and slugs offer a exceptional hot tack and five second set time under compression.  These hot glue sticks and slugs are ideal for carton sealing and bond wood, paper, cardboard, rigid foam and can also be used with ABS, laminate, polycarbonate and acrylic in certain situations.  This low temp carton sealing sticks are avaiable in 1/2″, 5/8″ and 1″ x 3″ (PG size).



Ad Tech 660 Glue Stick Specifications

Heat Resistance: 121°F/49°C
Viscosity at 225°F/107°C: 9,000
Shear tensile pine, psi: 529
Adhesion to Pine: 354 psi
Working time range: 35 seconds

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