Ad Tech 962 Glue Sticks

Ad Tech 962 Glue Stick Overview

Ad tech 962 glues sticks are formulated specifically for woodworking.  However, the 962 glue sticks are an excellent all purpose hot melt.  These glue sticks come in a variety of stick sizes 1/2″, 5/8″ and 1 3/4″ glue slugs!  The 962 hot melt from Ad Tech is also available in bulk 4″x4″ blocks and pellets.




Ad Tech 962 Glue Stick Specifications

Heat Resistance: 130ºF/54ºC
Viscosity at 225°F/107°C: 6,000
Shear tensile pine, psi: 625
Adhesion to Pine: 298 psi
Working time range: 30 – 40 seconds

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